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When you call my name – Brindisi – you smile.

You smile seeing two basketball players through the Roman columns of the Appian Way. The donkey smiles too, or the so-called Susumaniello, the wine produced from the native vine, no longer blend but a wine with a recognized identity. It looks like a magic, but it’s the skill of an artist who turns the bottle of wine into an elegant plate. Actually, you smile when you arrive at the airport and it is said that an airplane has thought that the church of Santa Maria del Casale, next to the airport, were the hangar. You smile before leaving, while painting the city you have visited and of which you will take with you not the emoticon the painting of your emotion.



dal 01 Gennaio al 31 Dicembre
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The guided daily tour, flexible in the sequence of places to visit, enhances the life of the monuments and products of the city.

Start 10:00 a.m.

End: 5:00 p.m.

  • The Roman Columns of the Appian Way
  • Foyer of Nuovo Teatro Verdi
  • Archaeological site of San Pietro degli Schiavoni
  • Lunch at Theodorvs Caffè Restaurant
  • Laboratory of artistic glass where the bottles of wine are transformed into plates and trays
  • Workshop to paint emotions with wine

On request the tour can be modified and with specific rates for fit and groups. That's why € 1,00 is symbolic.