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“Brindisi is the open city, where people come and go along its fast ways in the name of the slow way of life” I said.

My airplane’s been landing and thinking about the church of Santa Maria del Casale, next to the airport, as it were the hangar. The airplane’s came in, I’ve got off and the ancient frescoes have been reminding me the routes of many other contemporary travelers.

I was born in Brindisi and I was baptized in this church! I’ve said: “Brindisi, Brindisi” and I’ve seen my lips creating a smile on my face. Also a smiling basketball player got off the plane and he’s been surrounding by fans immediately.

“People’s voice has the same sound of the roman column’s heartbeat that plays basketball at the end of the Appian Way” I thought.

If someone comes from the sky, someone else arrives from the sea, with different lips but the same smile that say how beautiful Brindisi is in every season. It’s night when Mondi met the town’s talent. He came from Albania in 1991 on board an overcrowded ship. Death’s just the inconvenience crossing the sea. The city lights were Mondi’s show, the light of people’s eyes became the actual show. Local people didn’t fear the unexpected landing of 25.000 immigrants, but lent relief and fed them. Mondi used Brindisi as his muse, he built his professional and personal self surrounded by its magnificence. He lives in Tirana now, but his heartbeat is “pugliese”.

Next night will be mine! The sky is painted by another multitude of new bubbles of light, I’ve been thinking and telling: “I’ve gone for about 100 years around this land of sand, clay and rock like a plaited blend, until the vinification of Vermentino and its sparkling gave me austere notes of emancipation. I’m full of all the perfume of the plant, as it should be for a susumaniello, prince of this land.”

If the jealous bottle hides my fragrance, Maria Concetta’s plates and trays make it free, because they’re created by the fusion of the bottles. They say about the contradictions of  my land and sea, both bittersweet fruits of the generous south but also less rich, but just of money. Art can shows the objective and fantastic beauty of the city. The former is the link between the recycling of consumer goods and the design, the latter makes me see beyond, how much more beautiful Brindisi can be.

So, let’s sting the actress together, so that she doesn’t have rest until she can move  from the stage of the theater to the archaeological one of San Pietro degli Schiavoni.


[Thanks to Lucilla Cuman for her photo about Maria Concetta Malorzo’s creation]

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