“Hi Adrian, Brindisi wants you back.” “Really? Coach you’re smiling, so it’s not a joke!” “It’s not, obviously, lips don’t lie.”

“Adrian, you already know what happens just calling the city’s name, lips part in a smile. But, lips are also two roads that shorten the distances in the center of Puglia. The S.S.7 and the S.S.16 are the open lips where your fans drive, all together, to see you play basketball. At the same time, the roads are the exhibitions of the artists’ inspirations, from Taranto passing by Grottaglie, Francavilla Fontana, Latiano, Mesagne and from Carovigno to San Vito dei Normanni, before arriving in Brindisi. Closed lips mix them and local people’s original creative skills, what they built in the past and what they do nowadays.  The upper lip is the joint flight of the albanian eagle and the airplane from all over Europe to the city’s Airport of Salento. The lower lip is the eagle’s desire that, with the inverted and funny beak like a boat, wants to sail the Adriatic sea from Valona to Viale Regina Margherita in Brindisi. Then, it’ll fly higher than 3,05 meters, it’ll unfold the wings creating shaded areas for local and temporary tourists walking on the promenade. It’ll hold you by the hands with the claws and like a drone it’ll show you the many roads close to each other, your pivot next to a roman column. When you confuse well them, as the sky with the sea, you’ll create smiles telling how larger and more shared Brindisi‘ beauty can be in every season. It’s a kind of a magic, whose trick is the same when you’re with your child on the parquet and your smiles swing as they’re in a hammock on the sea.”

“Ciao Brindisi, io credo nella magia. E tu?

Photo credits: Ufficio Stampa New Basket Brindisi


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